This eBook is designed to offer you intensity through high-volume workouts to support any fitness goal - lose, gain, or maintain weight. Each workout plan calls upon my experience in fitness over the last 7 years and what's given me the amazing results I'm seeing today. 


Start or revitalize your fitness journey today!


What's Included:

- 6 Full weight-training routines (my weekly split)

- 40+ Illustrated exercises with highlighted working muscle groups

- 3 Ab routines for rock-hard abs

- 1 No Gym workout

- Sets, reps, and rest details for each exercise

- Proper form guidance

- Suggested rest periods

- Cardio recommendations

- Recommended alternative exercises

- Frequently Asked Questions

- Tips and tricks


...and so much more!



-Written and designed by Josh Riquelme

-Based on 7+ years of experience

-For Men and Women 

-Download and access on any smart device


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